Hello, There

Thanks for stopping by!  Kick off your shoes and stay a while.  Or if you’re in a hurry, here are a few things you might want to know about me:

  • Born and raised in rural Montana
  • Committed Christ follower, daily learning more of what that means
  • A strange blend of optimism and realism (see Rev. 21:5)
  • Guilty of: arrogance, binge-watching Scrubs/The West Wing/Parks and Recreation, selfishness, apathy, using profane language on occasion, and a host of other vices
  • Thankful for: Redemption with a capital R, deep friendships, parents, siblings, literacy, Masiphumelele, Hope Prison Ministry, ZooTown Church, this album by Steve Schallert, Seminary (sometimes), and laughter
  • My childhood (read: until age 16) vocational goals included ‘orca trainer.’  Blackfish has made me thankful that I’m such a weak swimmer. Goals also included National Geographic Photographer. Also human rights attorney. I’m 0 for 3.

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