Confessions of a Seminary Student

Some [mostly] light-hearted reflections from the last few months:

Since moving to Mass, I’ve begun to take an inordinate amount of pride in the fact that I’m from Montana.  I roll my eyes like a hearty, unshaven, mountain woman anytime someone complains about the cold, and sometimes I mention the recent avalanche in Missoula for good measure.

I will question a person’s fitness for ministry if he or she doesn’t like dark beer.

After hanging out with a few of the seminary wives, who laugh when their sons get bumps and bruises, and whose apartments are perpetually sticky and draped in partially-folded laundry, and who accidentally drop the F-bomb when their children refuse to get in the stroller, I think to myself, Hey, I can do all of those things, too!  Maybe I have what it takes to be a parent after all.

On a related note, thank God that the future leaders of women’s ministries in this country are façade-free.

It has been roughly one month since I’ve had a good night of sleep.

I feel guilty for not being stressed about school.  Everyone else is; am I missing something?  Am I not taking my studies seriously enough?  I ask myself these things at least twenty times a day.

Along those lines, I have never wished more fervently that I were a type-A, planner personality.

It has recently been brought to my attention that when I’m behind the wheel of my super cool Toyota, I become a bit of a Masshole.  So beware, pedestrians:  I’m not in Missoula anymore, which means I don’t have bow down before you at every crosswalk just because your carbon footprint is smaller than mine.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Seminary Student

  1. I was looking for a ‘like’ button after every sentence I read here! Especially the parent one! Secondly some fatherly advice (yes, that’s right I’m ignoring the fact were only a few years apart, and abusing my married status to create some form of relational hierarchy between us, it’s a few years till you’ll read feminist theology anyway, but that should give you a good retort… Anyway where was I?) Sleep is food for your brain, YOU NEED IT! get up an hour earlier than you are, do some exercise, go to bed an hour early without book, Phone, Laptop.

    Okay patronising advice over (hopefully you can catch some of that as misdirected brotherly affection), don’t be apologetic from being unstressed, it’s becoming a skill in our modern age! As long as you’re learning to think clearly, Creatively, Relationally, And live lovingly, your education will be worth the paper is printed on!

    Feel free to take any of your breaks and pop over to South Africa,

    The BYrnes’

    • Thanks, Pops! I ought to say something about how Jesus died to destroy gender-based hierarchy, but I’m just not petty or bitter enough yet. I suppose the bitterness will come in due time (probably through a fem-theo course).

      Good words, all of them; I really appreciate it. And I’ll definitely take you up on the offer for a visit – it’s been way too long since I’ve seen you guys. Taking your advice and putting the computer down now…

      God bless!

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