Seminary: One Hell of a Good Time

(Thanks to my friend Dan Crary for supplying the irreverent title of this post)

But in all seriousness, I cannot believe how fantastic the last three weeks have been, and I’m continually overwhelmed by the unexpected ways that God is blessing me.  To begin with, I met several YWAMers practically upon arrival; there are 15-20 of us, including several faculty, and I feel like I’ve stumbled upon extended family I never knew I had.  The women in my house (which is also pretty amazing; think Downton Abbey on a smaller scale) are smart, kind, fun, and love God wholeheartedly, and getting to know them has been an absolute joy.

And then there are classes.  I’m in class three hours a day, Monday–Thursday, and while I enjoy each of them, the standout favorite is Systematic Theology I.  God is absolutely incredible, and every Thursday I leave that class with my mind and heart full to capacity, feeling like I need to just sit and take an hour to worship.

There are certainly things I miss about home: no sales tax, exceptional food at Monday night dinners and the people that accompany it, my ZooTown family, and Black Coffee (I would graciously consent to accepting care packages containing Black & Tan roast), but all told I’m thrilled to be in Massachusetts.  And New England does have a few things that Montana lacks, namely a thick accent that sometimes needs subtitles for non-natives to decipher, fresh seafood, and snow days. You’d be surprised how quickly graduate students regress to grade school behavior when there are sleds and snowmen involved.


(View of the snow day shenanigans from my room)