24 Things I’ve Learned By 24, part 3

Part 3 of 3–are you ready for me to pull out the big guns?

This last year has marked tremendous growth in my life.  I haven’t learned much in quantity, but I’ve sifted and weighed nearly everything I believe about God.  And while this process is by no means over, I can declare with true humility that my faith is more deep and honest than ever before.  Certainly not because of myself, but because Jesus is determined that I would know him for who he truly is, no matter the cost.  So read on, if you dare.

On spirituality:

19.  If I cannot be authentic and vulnerable with God, it will be impossible for me to be authentic and vulnerable with people.  God has been saying this to me over and over for the last two months, and I could probably write a whole blog about it, but I’ll save the sermonizing for another time.  Suffice to say, my sometimes chaotic emotions and irrational insecurities don’t intimidate him or change what he thinks of me, and raw authenticity makes God’s love more visible in me and tangible for others.

20.  Gratitude increases faith.  Few things stir my faith like recounting the amazing things God has done in my life, especially out loud and to others when possible.

21.  I need to stop beating my head against the glass ceiling that exists for women in the Church (not my church, specifically, but the Church as a whole) and ask God to teleport me to the other side.  But maybe I’m just being lazy.  You can be sure I’ll expound on this later.

22.  Sometimes God’s most beautiful expressions of love and grace are delivered through our sin.  Pause to think about this for thirty seconds.  It’s an astounding reality.

23.  I will probably never stop being amazed by how patient and faithful and fiercely tenacious Jesus is.  I am far from being his most obedient follower, but that does not stop him from coming after me and remaking me–scars, sins, and all–into the woman he’s made me to be.

24. There is something sacred and powerful about music.  Every single breakthrough I’ve experienced in my relationship with God has happened during worship.  I can only remember a handful of sermons that have impacted me, which is a bit odd for me to confess since I’m more of a thinker than a feeler.  But those incredible moments when the perfect melody awakens my soul to the reality that I am standing face to face with the God who breathed the stars into existence…well, those moments have the power to transform like none other.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers to being 24 and to my mid-twenties!


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